Hamilton Lake in autumn

Hamilton has a reputation for being foggy – a comment that is made as if by way of criticism. I love the way the fog tosses its gauzy throw over the landscape – a flattering soft focus. There will be a post one day soon on Hamilton in the fog, but not today. Today was clear – a soft light where the stillness and reflections were pure and the spirits received a top up to carry them through the bleaker days to come.

reflected reeds

lake 1


in the distance

autumn colours

It is a flat, scenic and easy walk around the lake – about one hour. There is free parking at and beyond the Verandah Restaurant.

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4 thoughts on “Hamilton Lake in autumn

  1. Beautiful photos. The spring blossom, daffodils and tulips have pretty much finished now but our cherry tree is covered in little green cherries!

  2. Iggy says:

    The clear cooler air is a lovely part of the season. Last week I was able to see Mt Ruapehu and Taranaki, Mt Egmont from my spot at 3000 feet near Matamata. “So what?” I hear. Well they are 95 and 120 nautical miles away from where I was (that’s 175 and 225 kilometers). It lifts the soul.

  3. That’s definitely not “so what”. There’s a reason that a song writer wrote the lyrics “on a clear day you can see for ever more”. We are so blessed with our clear air and spectacular countryside and mountains.

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