Fabulous Fremantle

We became great fans of the Perth train service – frequent, clean and comfortable – and that’s how we travelled to Fremantle. It was Show Day at Perth and the trains were packed. It comes as a shock to realise you are now old enough for someone to stand up and give you a seat. I was quick to take up the gracious offer of a  young woman who gave me her seat – and then noticed others rapidly followed suit in giving up their seats to older souls. Top marks to the people of Perth for charm.

Fremantle, too, is a place of great charm – beautifully detailed facades on buildings and prettily presented shop windows. I revelled in the opportunity to indulge myself in contemporary Aboriginal art exhibitions. The boomerangs in airport gift shops do not do justice to the range of techniques, colours and styles represented in the art works being produced by the Aboriginals of West Australia – large canvases, intricate patterns on some works and more primitive styles on others. Iggy took himself off to the Maritime Museum in Perth and gave that the big thumbs up, too.

art gallery in Fremantle


Fremantle building

Fremantle street from Round House

looking out to Indian Ocean from Round House















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4 thoughts on “Fabulous Fremantle

  1. Sarah says:

    I thought you’d be right at home in Fremantle!

  2. We loved Fremantle too. Great fish and chips. Little Creatures Brewery. And we did find the good cafes 😉

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