Washed ashore

A first for Kiwicommunicator – reblogging. I thought this post on Travelling with Ana was fascinating – the art that is created from found objects. Wouldn’t it be a thrill to see a project like this go global? Click on Washed ashore to read more.

Reusing materials appeals to me. The Waikato Times Business Section had an article on a tyre company making rubber matting from tyres that can no longer be used on vehicles. The company has recovered its initial investment and is beginning to make a profit. Good news all around.

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2 thoughts on “Washed ashore

  1. Judith Cartwright says:

    What totally, positive, creative, constructive stories (Washed Ashore and Rubber Matting). People can be wonderful – and terrific role models for young children!

    • For those who consider that art should be an optional extra on the school curriculum, I offer the viewpoint that we cannot continue to live the same-old-same-old lifestyle. Developing creative thinking is imperative if we wish to build communities that offer creative solutions. That’s what appealed to me about both these stories. Thank you for dropping by and commenting, Judy.

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