Milk and Honey

It’s the talk of town, and I can see why. Milk and Honey is a new concept in the Hamilton cafe scene. Milk and Honey is quite literally – priceless! You choose from the food on the table or in the cabinet, order your coffee and – here’s the eye-opener – pay a donation that you believe will cover the cost of your food and throw in a bit extra. All the profits go to charity.

It wasn’t just the coffee that warmed the heart. Milk and Honey profits go to the TALKINGtech Foundation. I picked up the promotional material for just two of the organisations supported.

Books for Babies aims to improve the bonding between parents and babies using books and story-telling to encourage the interaction. The organisation was founded in Auckland and now runs in the Waikato. In 2011, 5400 babies and toddlers benefited from the programme. Working in collaboration with the Well Child services enables Books for Babies to keep programme costs minimal.

Milk and Honey’s support extends way beyond the Waikato. The TALKINGtech Foundation supports mobile health clinics in Chennai, India. A 42-seater bus is refitted as a mini hospital on wheels. A doctor and supporting staff carrying stocks of medicines visits various areas six days a week providing medical assistance to the poor. In addition, a dental clinic on wheels provides dental hygiene education, oral examinations and dental treatment.

Milk and Honey's ambience is welcoming.

Milk and Honey’s ambience is welcoming.

Wouldn't this be the perfect place to catch up with friends.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect place to catch up with friends?

We sat on a balcony five and half floors up and looked out over the newly refurbished Garden Place.

We sat on a balcony five and half floors up and looked out over the newly refurbished Garden Place. The cool breeze was welcome as Hamilton produced one of its first hot summer days. Children cooled off in the fountain of geysers of water which spurted from the square (below).

Garden Place 2

The live entertainment was great - though we didn't find out the name of the performer.

The live entertainment was  mellow. We didn’t find out the name of the mystery performer.

The cafe also offers a great view of a Hamilton icon - our giant Christmas tree - the biggest tree in somewhere or another!

The cafe also offers a great view of a Hamilton icon – our giant Christmas tree – the biggest tree in somewhere or another! You can see how high it is relative to the surrounding buildings. I watched the tree being assembled a few weeks ago. Some poor chap had to tease out every single little frond, just the way you do with your own tree!

I’ve mentioned the cause, the ambience, the coffee, the view, and the entertainment. You’ll be wondering about the food. The food should be right up at the top. The selection was not wide and it did not need to be. The offerings were perfection. I  had a wonderful grainy roll filled – not too large and bready – covered with pumpkin seeds. It was filled with a generous serving of meat, tomato, cucumber, camembert and a delicious dressing, accompanied by chutney which I think had pomegranate seeds in it.

I am avoiding sugar right now so passed on the slices. However, a big bouquet to Milk and Honey in this department, as well. A small triangle of a sweet slice is just right for rounding off a delicious lunch. Milk and Honey provided what my grandmother would have called “an elegant sufficiency”.










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10 thoughts on “Milk and Honey

  1. Judith Cartwright says:

    I’m delighted you’ve discovered this very special place. Just imagine how our communities would feel with more of this simple kindness and caring for others taking place around us in a wide variety of ways.

  2. I hope that with the gifting being an active choice every time you visit Milk and Honey that perhaps the generosity will be even greater than when a business decides to support an organisation without the direct participation of its clients and customers. Everything about Milk and Honey had a gentleness about it. I should have mentioned the staff, as they, too, came over as lovely people.

  3. KOA says:

    Such an interesting concept. Is it working?

  4. VJ says:

    What a great idea!

  5. Ana's Mum says:

    There’s an upmarket restaurant in London that has been doing it for, um, maybe a decade? I remember reading an article about it a few years ago and they said that it worked really well for them but I guess it depends on your patrons. I hope it works well for them.

  6. Iggy says:

    Great concept – must be a little daunting for the operators as they start out. Trust in the faith of fellow humans is often not considered in this modern world of contracts and rules for every undertaking.

  7. We tend to remember the times someone let us down, perhaps, rather than the countless times people have been generous with their time, love and resources.

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