Jane Whyte’s garden and art exhibition

Jane Whyte's garden 2

Jane Whyte's garden 1

Jane Whyte's garden 3

Jane Whyte opens her Cambridge garden for her friends’ annual art exhibition. The garden is an exhibition in itself. It is also a special occasion to see works that have been laboured over all year on display and ready for an audience.

Robyn McBride

I have a particular interest in Robyn McBride’s work and thought the exhibiting of this piece was especially sensitive, with the trees behind it echoing the leaves within the painting.


Alan Doube captures the landscape around Raglan, using Toss Woolaston’s style for inspiration.

paintings 1

The living room, family room, corridors and patio were filled with delicate watercolours – many of the paintings by Jane Whyte herself.

Jane Whyte's

Jane also painted these Raglan Rocks. I am often attracted to paintings with blues and turquoises. I enjoy the energy and texture in this painting. She is an accomplished artist across a range of styles.


It is humbling to put my efforts for 2012 alongside the work of such accomplished artists. I did have fun experimenting with different styles, a bit of fantasty and a lot of colour this year. So, what should I try next year?



2 thoughts on “Jane Whyte’s garden and art exhibition

  1. Iggy says:

    It was a windy day, but with all of the protection provided by Jane’s planting, the day was very tolerable. Thankyou Jane!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Jane is most generous opening her beautiful home and garden to the public in this way.

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