Hamilton’s latest public art work – Beat Connection

A public art trust, Mesh, raised the funds for a dramatic art work by Oh Seung Yul. It is installed outside our new Claudelands Events Centre.

The work was blessed according to Maori tradition, and those at the unveiling were invited to walk down both sides running their hands along it. We were told that this is a sculpture to interact with. It can be lain on, sat on and climbed on.

To recognise the cultural heritage of the artist, a Korean dancer performed a breathtaking dance as part of the unveiling ceremony. We were also treated to performances from the little ones who attend Miropiko Kindergarten and the Hamilton East Primary School kapahaka group.

Oh Seung Yul said his work was taken from a heart beat graph. “It comes from my thinking about the purpose of the Claudelands Centre and the activities of sports, concert, convention etc that will take place there – the excitement and emotions that are experienced with our heart and body. It may also describe the life of the site and what has gone before, together with the current heart beat of the building… The sculpture is intended to reach out to visitors as it is sit-able, slide-able – visually inviting people to connect with it.”

Oh Seung Yul finally had his wish – to lie down on the sculpture after all his hard work!

Many thanks from the citizens of Hamilton to Nancy Caiger, Chair of the Mesh Trust, and to all the trustees, donors and craftspeople who made this magnificent art work.


13 thoughts on “Hamilton’s latest public art work – Beat Connection

  1. Yes! I love that the sculpture is both original and accessible at the same time.

  2. mesh sculpture hamilton is very pleased to bring this work to fruition and to gift it to the city of Hamilton for all to enjoy. We want it to be part of our city’s taonga [treasure]. Our goal is to create more fabulous artworks for Hamilton. To do this we need the community to come alongside us and support our cause. Large or small, collectively our donations when put together can be use in such a powerful way. Check us out on http://www.meshsculpture.org.nz or http://www.facebook.com/meshsculpturehamilton

    • It is a wonderful start, Nancy. I do hope there continues to be increased momentum. There is such a strong community and professional arts culture in Hamilton and it would be great if the world came to visit and to appreciate the work of your Trust.

    • Jennifer Lillas. Head teacher. says:

      The children and teachers of Miropiko Kindergarten love the new sculpture. Thanks for inviting us to be part of the opening.

      • Hi Jennifer. Thank you for your comment. I was also a guest, rather than one of the organisers. Like you and the kindergarten children, I love the new sculpture. Aren’t we lucky.

      • Thank you Jennifer, we loved having the children and teachers of Miropiko Kindergarten as part of the opening. We believe in making the artwork an integral part of our community so we enjoy your involvement.

  3. I love how the artist intends for it to be climbed upon.

  4. Iggy says:

    Some of those slide bits are very steep! Good high speed sections!

  5. You have more courage than me!

  6. the artist wants you to interact with it, sit on it, lie on it, slide on it but he would be concern if you tried any dangerous activities on it. We don’t want the “forbidden” signs to start appearing, so enjoy the work with care.

  7. A very good point, Nancy! I hope no-one takes Iggy too seriously. He’s inclined to talk outrageously, but doesn’t deliver on any activities that are too hair raising. I hope that applies to all who visit the sculpture. Most of all, it is a joy to behold.

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