Straw Berry Farm on a summer’s day

Summer came to Hamilton at last yesterday. It was time to go and shop up large for strawberries at The Straw Berry Farm, 337 Newell Road, Tamahere.

Even the bumblebee knew it was summer.

Strawberries don’t come fresher than this!

Emma of The Country Providore had emailed me to let me know that Jackie-Lee Haereiti and Monica Louis would be providing the live entertainment there. She knew I was after Monica’s CD, Speak Low. I love Monica’s smokey, quiet songs.

I have blogged about The Country Providore before. It was busy again, with a display of high quality Christmas decorations this time.  I made a piggy of myself, sampling the Rakaia Smoked Salmon that was being promoted –  the most luscious smoked salmon I have ever eaten. Apparently, Rakaia produces smoked blue cod, too. Both the salmon and blue cod can be bought through The Country Providore. We bought up large on the well-priced, freshly-picked strawberries and asparagas.

We sat outside and ate lunch ordered from Punnet, the restaurant that is part of The Straw Berry Farm’s complex. The avocado and tomato on grainy bread was the perfect lunch for me.

It’s Eggs Benedict for Iggy, whatever the time of day. He said the bacon really was crunchy, just as advertised.

Aria loved being able to run around and play on the playground equipment while we had our lunch. The highlight of her day had to be the strawberry icecream, made with real strawberries.

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6 thoughts on “Straw Berry Farm on a summer’s day

  1. Iggy says:

    Strawberries – Yum. Eggs Benedict – Double YUM!

  2. So how did the Eggs Benedict rate compared with all the other Eggs Benedict you have eaten, Iggy?

  3. Ana says:

    Yum! More places that are on the list for when we come to visit.

  4. You and Rafa would love it, Ana. Iggy and I can play with you both in the playground and on the trampoline while Mum and Papi have a great lunch and coffee as well as a stroll around The Country Providore.

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