Farewell Clunker Lunker – free to a good home

Alan, another member of BNI Legends, sells advertising for Coffee News. Through this broadsheet, I came across a fantastic website AskShareGive. The name of the site says it all.

Several years ago I bought an exercycle, sight unseen, for $75 on Trade Me. It did not take long for her to be called Clunker Lunker – a stiff old girl on which a stiff old girl could pedal and puff, while subjecting herself to the crassness of  Come Dine with Me on television – and while keeping the damn doctor happy. (I still have little evidence that it is good for the health, but I have to take the experts at their word.)

VJ had mercy on me and left her swift, quiet and elegant exercycle here for me on indefinite loan. A stiff old girl can feel swift and speedy on a well-oiled exercycle! You can almost feel the wind in your hair. Clunker Lunker had to go. She owes us nothing, having saved us thousands of dollars in gym fees – and it really is easier to leap on an exercycle at home than to organise a trip to the gym. Less embarrassing, too! I can get all flushed at home without an audience.

Clunker Lunker was advertised on AskShareGive for a mere 48 hours before someone in our town volunteered to come and get her and give her a home where she would be appreciated. Farewell, trusty Clunker Lunker.

Iggy wasted no time in taking Clunker Lunker apart to fit her into her new owner’s car, before the new owner could change his mind.


2 thoughts on “Farewell Clunker Lunker – free to a good home

  1. Ana says:

    asksharegive is a great idea. Is it only New Zealand based?

  2. It certainly is a fabulous idea! I don’t know if it is global or not. Could be worth going to the link and asking??

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