Art Nexus at Sandz Gallery

 Art Nexus artists offered a richly varied exhibition at Sandz Gallery in Kent Street, Hamilton. The art works were displayed to great effect by Pam Watson. Art Nexus artists generally sell their work online.

Pam Watson with one of her landscapes. This time, Pam set herself the challenge of working without using black paint (just some Indian ink). Traditionally, Pam’s work has a dark side. This vibrant use of colour is a new direction for Pam.

Pam’s sister, Lyn Dyson, creates her works with fabric. The photograph shows the stunning composition. You need to be up close and personal to enjoy the textural aspects of this work.

Jean Horn stands by her work depicting autumn rowanberries at Arrowtown. I have never been to Tuscany, but this image captures for me what Tuscany might look like. Jean has captured the South Island light.

Paul Hardy with “Tongariro”.

I kept returning to Paul’s painting. He applied a skill that I have yet to acquire – that of knowing when to stop adding paint – thereby capturing the immediacy of Tongariro’s recent eruption.

Ruth Manning exhibited a series of paintings. I am curious about her technique and how she achieved this glowing effect on a black background.

This image especially appealed to me. Whether it is intentional or not, there is a Japanese feel to the work – floating flowers and leaves …










2 thoughts on “Art Nexus at Sandz Gallery

  1. Ana says:

    Incredible work!

  2. Yes! People make their paintings look so effortless, but there’s hours of work and buckets of creative energy in each painting.

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