Cinnamon Restaurant, Taupo

Part of any week away from home must be a dining-out experience. I had read in the local paper of parties to celebrate the launching Cinnamon under its new name. It all looked pretty exciting, so we dropped by in the afternoon to book.

Our booking was taken by this friendly and outgoing Indian prince!

During the day, you have a great view of the Lake.

The elaborately decorated furniture was imported from India for the restaurant. What an air of luxury it added.

Did the food measure up? You bet it did. We started with bhaji paneer, being served here.

I was impressed that we were not asked if we wanted our food to be mild, medium or hot. Instead, the chilli rating (a bit of a smile here – it was spelt “chilly” on the menu) was indicated with little drawings of chillis  on the menu. I like the integrity of Cinnamon – remaining true to the heat of a dish, and suggesting the restaurant guest choose accordingly. Wonderfully generous quantities of meat in the dishes we chose and most flavoursome. I would recommend the Cinnamon experience to those who, like us, enjoy good Indian food.


12 thoughts on “Cinnamon Restaurant, Taupo

  1. Ana says:

    Great name for an Indian restaurant!

  2. Yep – warm, scented, spicy!

  3. We know you have choice… Thank you very much for dining with us at Cinnamon and glad to see here that your evening was enjoyable & memorable at Cinnamon. We aim to provide the elegant Indian dining experience to the guests. We welcome all this post viewers to visit our website as we got something for everyone who wish to experience the classy, not equal. Kind regards from Chintu Contractor; the Director of Cinnamon Fine Indian Cuisine & Bar at Taupo.

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  5. Hot food, hot colour, on a cold night. Perfect.

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