Hamilton Farmers Market

This morning we made our first visit to the Hamilton Farmers Market. Lots of people told us how good it was, but as it involved bailing out of bed instead of sleeping in on a Sunday morning, we had not got there before. It was well worth the early start. We grow many of our own vegetables, but still need to buy some from the supermarket. So often supermarket fruit and vegetables look tired and as if they have had a hard time getting to the shop. Everything at the market was as crisp and fresh as this gorgeous spring morning – and it was all grown, picked and displayed with love.

We started by buying a coffee to get us going – and great coffee it was, too.

Next stop was Roberto’s Kitchen. Roberto makes all his pasta and sauces from first principles. We can hardly wait for this evening to try our lasagna. It was hard to choose. The pasta with creamy mushroom sauce was tempting, too. I pretended not to see the tiramisu.

Iggy steered me past the temptations of Mavis’s Kitchen’s stall. Mavis’s cafe is just by the Deloittes Building at the end of Memorial Drive. I’ve devoured coffee and cake there before. The chefs at Mavis’s bake better than I do. I very rarely say that about cafe baking.

We enjoyed chatting with stall holders along the way about their produce. At this stall we bought kale. Kale has been the subject of Leaping Zucchini’s blog recently, so I thought I would see what I could do with it. I came away with a recipe they gave me from The World’s Healthiest Foods site. The stall holders told me that kale has more goodness than broccoli. I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Supermarket shopping never looked this good – and this pile of goodies cost much less than I would usually spend at the supermarket, too. One hour and twenty eight minutes until lunch time. I hope I can wait that long!

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10 thoughts on “Hamilton Farmers Market

  1. Iggy says:

    Ahhh! Fresh bread and marmalade – the perfect combination!

    • Yes – someone was selling a great range of marmalades at the market – lime, orange and grapefruit. However, as you already have a large jar in the pantry, we’ll have to try out a market marmalade on our next visit.

  2. Grace says:

    Thanks for all your lovely comments about the good food you found in our Market,have a happy lasagna!!!!!!!!!

  3. Judith Cartwright says:

    Is that a loaf of Bella Pane’s Hummingbird Rye bread in your purchases? We’ve just returned from a lovely Father’s Day in Cambridge, and eaten this toasted – with marmalade, Iggy! – sheer bliss. That alone is worth climbing out of bed for on a Sunday morning!

  4. Sure did buy the Hummingbird Rye – on your recommendation! Looking forward to trying that tomorrow. It was great to see you at the market – perhaps coffee and croissants together at the market one morning soon?

  5. runningmelon says:

    I love Saturday morning farmers market visits! How did the kale recipe turn out? And thanks for the mention!

  6. We didn’t have many of the ingredients for the kale recipe, so I just lightly steamed it, stalks downwards and leaves to the top, in a small saucepan. We both really liked it, just as it was. I thought it might be scratchy, but it was a lovely texture and less bitter than broccoli. Must try the recipe next time.

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