Kiwicommunicator’s champagne taste on a beer income is well catered for at VaVaVoom, located on the east side of the Waikato River just off the end of the Fairfield Bridge in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The boutique is stocked with classy donated items and staffed by volunteers. With all the profits going to Hospice Waikato, there is the added pleasure of knowing that you are helping with funding an important service to palliative care patients and their families, as well as engaging in recycling. No buyer’s remorse when you shop here.

The elegant window displays change frequently – quite a distraction when in the slowly moving queue of cars about to turn onto the Fairfield Bridge.

The exquisite collection of affordable preloved treasures ensures VaVaVoom is a collector’s heaven. Our house is full, so I leave these for someone else.

With the grandchildren all living overseas, it’s hard to know what size to buy – so the lovingly hand-knitted children’s wear remains on the rack – until the littlies visit.

Hmm – so glamorous, but not practical for a work-from-home consultant. Kiwicommuncator will return when there is a big night out in the diary.

Yes! Double whammy. A high qualityand fashionable red merino jacket for this spell of winter weather, the prettiest of floaty floral tops for the summer months ahead, and a wad of change from $100. Great shopping at VaVaVoom.







5 thoughts on “VaVaVoom

  1. Ana says:

    What a great fundraising initiative. A fun way of giving back to the community for both staff and shoppers!

  2. Recently Hospice shops (which includes all their shops, not just VaVaVoom raised over $100,000 for Hospice Waikato in just one month. It certainly helps – and the bargains are fantastic.

  3. I am a bargain shopper as well. I recently bought a belt from Spain for 6.00.

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