Artnexus promotes Artventure

Robyn McBride puts finishing touches on her seagulls.

Sue Edmonds readies her own work to be photographed…

… and here, she holds up Kiwicommunicator’s Growth Spurt,  so that it, too, can be shot for the Artnexus website exhibition.

Starting today, my art group, Artventure, is exhibiting on the Artnexus website for one month. The artists who produce work for the Artnexus website exhibitions tend to be professionals, while those of us in Artventure generally focus on developing our style and skills – but we are proud (read overjoyed, ecstatic, blown away) when someone wants to buy one of our masterpieces.

What a challenge to finish works to a deadline. Sue Edmonds deserves a medal for ensuring that we delivered on time for the exhibition  – herding eels would have been easier!

Pam Watson is involved in the artistic development of all the artists in the exhibition. Without Pam, I would still be sitting round finding the courage to learn to paint. Pam invited me to her four-day painting workshop at Raglan when I first arrived in Hamilton. My very first grubby attempt at capturing the light and shade of the Raglan hills in a series of messy charcoal “circles and sausages” was humbling – very humbling.

It is a testament to Pam that the exhibition features such a range of styles and media – something for every taste!  She brings along books and prints from her vast collection and encourages us to learn by immersing ourselves in others’ works. She suggests, she challenges, she encourages us not just to see, but to think and to feel as well. Pam taught us to imbue our work with life and energy. Her instinct for knowing where to take each of us on the next step of our individual artistic journeys is unerring.

Please visit the exhibition and perhaps you could let us know which art work appeals to you and why. It would make the artist’s day.


6 thoughts on “Artnexus promotes Artventure

  1. VJ says:

    The paintings look fantastic! Good luck!

    • Ana says:

      I agree! I especially like Jeepers Creepers! I like Robyn’s style too. You’ve all done a great job.

      • Thank you for going to the Artnexus site and for your compliment! I watch what Robyn does very closely. She’s a talented and original artist. I love her birds, too! I watched her develop the dotty technique which I tried for myself in Growth Spurt. Now I want to see if I can succeed in learning her patchworky technique. I would be pretty proud if I could end up painting as well as Robyn does.

  2. Thank you! There are some stunning pieces there! There are several styles I would like to emulate.

  3. Judith Cartwright says:

    What lovely, vibrant, art works – and so very personal in their styles!

  4. It’s quite a collection, isn’t it! Thank you for checking in on the Artnexus site.

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