Billy No Mates and the Olympic flame

A big moment in the history of Billy No Mates Cafe.

Forgive me another moment of maternal pride. No – it’s not the gorgeous hunk with the flame! It’s the cafe behind, Billy No Mates, opened by my son with Olympic visitors in mind. Looks like he got pretty close to the action here. If you happen to be in London, drop by and say hi to Bill – and do leave a comment on my blog!


6 thoughts on “Billy No Mates and the Olympic flame

  1. Ana says:

    We’ve sent some friends his way!

  2. Fantastic. I could smell the crusty bread when I saw the promotional video (mentioned a few blogs ago). Wish I could go there myself!

  3. yvonne! says:

    Fantasic! So good to see the
    actual photo after you telling us about it!

  4. Thank you. We were talking to an Air New Zealand pilot last night and apparently their London accommodation is not far from the cafe, so do hope he drops in to Billy No Mates for a coffee.

  5. Gaynor says:

    I was lucky enough to spend the day of the Olympic Torch’s visit to West Kensington in the company of your son in his cafe. My friend, her young son and I all had a fabulous day. The food is delicious and the cafe is a great place to meet friends, hang out, read the paper and eat nice food and drink great coffee. You can be justifiably proud of your son, Billy. I have a photo of him and can email it to you. Gaynor

    • Wow! Gaynor – thank you so much for your comment! I would love to be able to visit Billy No Mates myself. Hearing a commment like this warms my heart. So much appreciated. I would love a photo if at all possible. Thanks again from Billy’s Mum.

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