Cafe Olive, Flagstaff, Hamilton

Cafe Olive is our local. It’s pretty well always buzzing with people. You’ll find a walking group there, business people having an informal meeting and friends catching up with each other the easy way. Then there are the passers by picking up a takeaway treat. I love the food, I love the coffee (and the tea and the hot lemon and ginger drink) and most of all I love the warm welcome every time we come through the door.

If the winter weather discourages you from taking a stroll through the park to Cafe Olive, you can always find parking right outside.

These sofas have heard many of my secrets when I have sat there in comfort for a good catch up with a friend. (There are plenty of proper tables for when you eat.)

The scene is set with a Mediterranean theme. Specialty pastas, olive oils, coffee and other deli items are for sale.

I loved Tania’s most recent recommendation – cashew crusted chicken with lemon feta dressing and fresh tomato served in crusty foccaccia. I had to take the photo with the pretty bits facing the back, because it looked so great I tucked right in – then remembered I was going to take a photo!

Phil the barrista is a charmer – and the coffee’s exceptional, too!

Tania makes all Cafe Olive’s food on site. I think Tania must be a perfectionist. Melting little cakes piled high with swirls of icing, Eggs Benedict at breakfast, lots of lovely luncheon dishes – every mouthful is sheer joy.


6 thoughts on “Cafe Olive, Flagstaff, Hamilton

  1. judi brennan says:

    I really enjoyed your blog Diana. Thank you for visiting us at L’Arte !

  2. Iggy says:

    Eggs Benedict is a good breakfast – and you can eat it any time of the day!

  3. – especially good when cooked by Tania. When you are out, it’s good to try the things that are too fiddly (or too fattening) to make at home.

  4. Ana says:

    That chicken and salad looks divine! I miss kiwi coffee too. Long blacks (or an Americano) over here just isn’t the same. Most barista’s here don’t make it with a good crema.

  5. Tania and Phil seem to know just how to hit the spot! A trip to Cafe Olive is on the list for your next visit to Hamilton!

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