L’Arte Cafe and Gallery, Taupo

New Zealand has its own touch of Barcelona’s Parc Guell. If you wander from the State Highway near Taupo and head towards Acacia Bay, you can discover one of the country’s best-kept cafe secrets. Well, not that much of a secret, as the cafe’s flyer tells us that L’Arte was selected as one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 eating experiences in New Zealand.

Before we even step out of the car, I am full of anticipation. There’s got to be something witty about a cafe whose name is such a glorious pun.

The first hint of the mosaic work to come can be seen as you step out of the car.

There’s more of Judi Brennan’s work on the counter front.

So what do you find if you go up the stairs? A whole living room, of course!

Colourful and Imaginative art works are on display.

The ceramic flowers were particularly appealing.

L’Arte provides a feast for the eyes, the soul – and the appetite. The coffee was just right and the Mediterranean Basket was exceptional. The lunch menu offered so many temptations that we need to go back another day to try some of the other tasty looking offerings.


6 thoughts on “L’Arte Cafe and Gallery, Taupo

  1. Iggy says:

    I must remember to drop in at L’Arte Cafe again. I think that will happen before we get back to Barcelona. Maybe, a coffee in the mosaic sofa and dream that we are in Barcelona!

  2. Ana says:

    Wow! Cool! That must have taken ages to build those couches!

  3. yvonne! says:

    One of my favourite places for coffee too. I once did a mosaic workshop there with the previous owners. If you are a mosaic fan go the The Giants House in Akaroa down South.

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