The prettiest ever teddy bear’s picnic

It was special to be invited to celebrate Iggy’s granddaughter’s first birthday. She is a lovely natured little girl who deserved to have a beautifully themed party. Here she is with Kiwicommunicator.

Nana-Chelle must have been working on the special treats for weeks. The cupcakes were decorated with party bears.

The teddy biscuits were exquisite.

The cake was too gorgeous to cut!

Just look at the fine detail of the picnic food. Each little plate was the size of a button.


10 thoughts on “The prettiest ever teddy bear’s picnic

  1. Iggy says:

    She is the Number One granddaughter for me!

  2. The birthday girl is adorable – lovely picture. The desserts are beautiful and pink!!! Love the picnic food on the top the cake and yes, the cake was too pretty to cut! The biscuits were cute, too.

  3. Ana says:

    She’s gorgeous! She’s certainly Johnny’s girl! Happy Birthday!

  4. Rani Skopelitis says:

    i would love to order the cake. Where did you make the cake?

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