OE Cafe, Palmerston North

OE Cafe in Palmerston North was a must-try after VJ had a great meal there a couple of weeks ago. VJ was sure I would like the ambience and she was right!

VJ knew I would appreciate having an art gallery surrounding the cafe. The current exhibition is one by artists from Dannevirke Art Society.

My particular favourite was a painting by Maurice Brookes. The first original painting I bought myself was a small Brookes. I love the energy and am intrigued by how he applies his paint.

The purpose of lunching at OE Cafe was to catch up with Yvonne. As an important aside, Yvonne is a talented artist who has sold her own works at OE Cafe.

What a bonus to have a surprise guest join us. Nikki (left) was the best-ever J1 teacher. She taught VJ and Iggy’s son. (Iggy is here on the right, looking pretty happy, lunching with three women.) Nikki was back in New Zealand after teaching for extended periods in international schools in Angola and Thailand.

The menu is arranged so all dietary needs are catered for. As we were having a big weekend food-wise I ordered the Vietnamese Shaking Beef (appropriately named, given that we experienced a small earthquake while we were in the cafe). Honesty is the best policy here. While there was a generous amount of beef, I was looking for some chilli and citrus notes that just weren’t there.

The coffee in its retro cup was a compensation. The cakes in the cabinet looked exceptional – but in the cabinet they had to stay.


13 thoughts on “OE Cafe, Palmerston North

  1. VJ says:

    I didn’t know you were in an earthquake! I’m guessing it was fortunately just a little one then. No need to spend the night under the table like we did all those years ago back in Ohakea!

  2. Ana says:

    How great to see Nikki and Yvonne! I didn’t realise Yvonne was a sold artist. How cool is that?

  3. Russ Sanker says:

    Only wanna remark that you have a very decent website , I the style and design it really stands out.

    • I do enjoy taking photographs of and writing about what goes on in my part of the world. I get really excited when I find others enjoy what I have put together, so thanks so much for your lovely comment.

    • Thank you, Russ! Writing a blog has turned out to be sheer self-indulgence and a wonderful way to procrastinate when I have work to get on with. Having said that, it is always a thrill when someone likes my blog.

  4. yvonne! says:

    Great blog! Thanks for choosing a half decent photo of me! LOL! I have art in the Art Expo Sale this weekend in Palmerston North. I purchased two pieces so I had better sell something of mine to make up for it!
    I bought a Leonie Sharp work, artist from Wanganui,who makes the most exquisite compositions out of a variety of feathers. They are incorporated into woven backings and have a Maori feather cloak look to them. She has a blog if you want to know more about her-hhtp://leoniesharp.blogspot.com

  5. Woh I like your content , saved to bookmarks ! .

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