Equine Café

We packed up the trusty Corolla wagon and set off on the five hour drive from Hamilton to Palmerston North for the weekend. Just out of Putaruru, we spotted a paddock with a collection of car wrecks on it and spent the next kilometre or so musing on who would keep these wrecks in full view of the North Island’s main state highway.

Iggy is most obliging about having café stops en route – primarily in the interests of road safety, I persuade him. As we pulled in to the Equine Cafe about 20k short of Taupo we met the owner of the paddock of wrecked cars! (Truly. I am not making this up.)

Iggy inspects the remains of a Sunbeam Talbot which arrived at the Equine Cafe only seconds behind us.

The guy and his wife travel around buying up old Sunbeam Talbots so that he can salvage spare parts for other Sunbeam Talbot car club members. The car collector and his wife were heading back north with a new addition to the collection near Putaruru.

Back to the main purpose of our stopover – making sure Iggy got his compulsory caffeine fix.

Equine Café is at the other end of the sophistication continuum from London’s Billy No Mates, featured in the previous blog.

In the large parking area, you are greeted with images of the back ends of horses.

If you are lucky enough to have the grandchildren with you, you drop them off at the playground so you can have your coffee in peace. (We spot cafes with play areas in anticipation!)

And you walk along the porch to the establishment’s front door, in a setting that is as rural as any cafe anywhere.

You order from a selection of New Zealand classics – Louise Cake is shown here. Most of the food is home cooked on the premises.

Best of all, in true Kiwi fashion, you chat with the very person you were wondering about earlier on in your journey. New Zealand is a very small place.


2 thoughts on “Equine Café

  1. Ana says:

    Coffee with the cows! So Kiwi. I love it!

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