Pauanui perfection

After a long sleep in (it was so quiet we didn’t realise how late it was) we opened the curtains to this stunning view.

It is a treat for us to be invited to spend a weekend with friends at their holiday home in Pauanui. Time with Shirley and Warwick always runs out long before the topics of conversation. In the evenings the fire is lit, and we play card games or board games. This time it was Cranium, a game I find fun especially because of the hugely varied level of difficulty of the challenges and the interesting range of activities and knowledge required.

The sun shone long enough for us to drive around and admire (read that as envy) the mansions along the Pauanui Waterways and to take the board walk through the mangrove swamp. A confident little fantail flirted with us as we walked. The Maori name for fantail is piwakawaka. Iggy tells me the RNZAF Sioux helicopter replacement project was named Operation Piwakawaka. (Iggy has a remarkable skill at bringing any topic around to an aviation theme.) Likening a Sioux helicopter to a piwakawaka is imaginative. The helicopter flits around like a fantail and its sound “waka-waka” is just like the sound of the fantail’s Maori name.

Spot the piwakawaka with his tail up in the air.

The boardwalk through the mangroves at high tide.

Pauanui Waterways – for those with designer tastes and incomes to match.

Iggy would prefer to live by the grass runway (with somewhere to park a light aircraft nearby).


6 thoughts on “Pauanui perfection

  1. Kay says:

    I have just been on a journey with you, what a lovely interlude while I am supposed to be working.
    I love fantails myself. Mm who will mow the runway?

    • Yes – and just a couple of nights there felt like a complete break. As for mowing that runway, I guess the local council does it. Several residents live by the runway and taxi right up to their holiday homes. Iggy doesn’t envy them in the least!

  2. Iggy says:

    Talking about flying, I did that today. From overhead Matamata at 5000 feet (towing a glider aloft) you could see forever. To the south: Mt Ruapehu (180km away) to the north: Thames (60km) and to the east Mt Edgecombe (100km) were all standing out proudly. Mayor Island and White Island (130km) were standing guard well out to sea.

  3. Ana says:

    That boardwalk looks perfect for a morning run.

    • Pauanui has lots of great places for a morning run – the boardwalk, the beach, around the airfield and, apparently, to the top of the mountain. There is a competition to race to the top of the mountain and back and the really fit ones can do it inside 40 minutes, or so I’m told.

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