Gracious Greytown

On receiving the sad news of the death of an RNZAF colleague of Iggy’s, we left to attend the funeral in Greytown, a miniature Mecca in the Wairarapa district in the south of New Zealand’s North Island.

Funerals are full of mixed emotions – the sadness of saying good-bye combined with the joy of meeting up with other mourners – people with whom you shared history at some point in your own journey.  Our pilot friend Stu would have been happy with his crowded funeral which took place in a town which makes you celebrate life. Greytown delivered clear skies (perfect for flying) and the sheer pleasure of being in one of the North Island’s prettiest places.

This was only the second time I have visited Greytown. On both visits I have been unable to escape without spending significant money. Catering for wealthy Wairarapa farming families, the shops are stylish – mostly antique and gift shops, as well as the Minx shoe shop and a selection of classy cafes. Iggy’s rich and flaky pain au chocolat from the FrenchBaker (which has a stunning pressed tin ceiling, by the way) was irresistible.

Greytown’s main street

The Wairarapa countryside, on the outskirts of Greytown, in the evening light.


2 thoughts on “Gracious Greytown

  1. Ana says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of a family friend but I’m pleased to see you had a lovely trip.

  2. Iggy says:

    Stu will have spent a lot of time over the area in his days of flying jets from Ohakea. “East of the Ranges” was frequently the term used to describe our playground. A good place to be!

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